Old Favourites…

So, who re-reads their fave books? I admit to having collected all of my favourite Harlequin Books by author Robyn Donald, even her very first one! One I am re-reading at the moment: Tiger Eyes, first published in 1994.

Tiger Eyes - Robyn Donald

Even the blurb shouts sexy alpha hero: ‘He’s tough and he’s brilliant and he’s got no weaknesses.’

In 1994, I was 21 (ah, to be 21 again) and I remember reading this book when it hit the shelves. I felt an affinity with the heroine, Tansy. She was driven, passionate and unique and oh, so very proud. Not your usual type of heroine. This is the book that clinched Robyn Donald as one of favourite authors of all time, hence my collection.

Thank you, Robyn, for your wonderful stories, your passionate flair for creating alpha heroes that leap off the page, that tease my imagination and let me escape reality for just a tantalising, little while. You are wonderful. ❤ 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old Favourites…

  1. Dana,
    I remember sitting with you at a book signing in Brisbane some years ago and Robyn Donald was one of the speakers. You were in heaven. It’s so wonderful to have a writer you love not just for their latest book, but who has given you so much pleasure and stays with you year after year.

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