Her Italian Aristocrat – by Lousie Reynolds

9781742538747[1]There’s something about an Italian hero that reels me in every time. In Louise Reynold’s debut novel for Destiny Romance, we immediately get the sense that Gemma is in a little bit of trouble, not able to understand the lingo while stuck in an Italian hospital. So why is she there? Why, to buy a prestigious shoe company, of course.

Enter Luca, Gemma’s saviour as he translates so the nurse from hell doesn’t stick her with a needle that she shouldn’t. And who is this Luca? He is the local Aristocrat, determined to save the town’s industry. You know things from here are going to get interesting.

Not only does Louise create a memorable character in Gemma, with that unique Australian charm, but also weaves an effortlessly beautiful setting. It was a wrench to come back to reality!

I would recommend this book with a good drop of red, some candles and no interruptions please! Am looking forward to Louise’s next release with anticipation.


Dana x


4 thoughts on “Her Italian Aristocrat – by Lousie Reynolds

  1. Hi Dana,
    ‘Her Italian Aristocrat’ is certainly an enjoyable read, with or without the glass of wine. But I love that you’re recommending a nice red!! Am looking forward to reading your first release very soon now – not many sleeps to go! Do you recommend a red or a white to go with it, Dana?

  2. Hi Dana,
    Thank you! I loved writing Gemma and Luca’s story. Am so looking forward to your debut release and to having you as a fellow Destiny Romance author.

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