Craft: What makes a Successful Writer?

According to a recent article by Michael Hague, TENACITY is the one outstanding quality of every successful writer. Each of us determines success differently at different stages of our career. 

Picture yourself climbing a cliff. The cliff stretches up in the distance and you can barely make out the specks that are the carrion birds, circling slowly at the top. You look left – there are hundreds and hundreds of other writers on the same level, some higher, some lower. You look right and its the same.

Then you see that some parts of the cliff are baking in extreme heat and the writers there are struggling. Some of them slip, their fingers too sweaty to hang on. Other parts of the cliff are freezing, snow and ice lashing the writer’s endeavors to climb up past the bitter cold.

I know I sometimes feel like this and have felt like this in my writing journey. I agree with Michael Hauge’s assessment of a successful writer. Its having the courage and fortitude to continue against the odds; Lack of time, Lack of support, Lack of knowledge, Lack of education, Lack of…well you get the picture. All of us lack something, but somewhere within the successful writer is the tenacity to keep going when just about everything but your inner voice is telling you to quit, even WHEN your inner voice is starting to quaver.

Never let the fear of failure quiet the voice within, the voice of your dreams. Aim as high as you want to go and remember to have faith, not all is in your control.

Now, with those wise, bolstering words I am attempting to overcome my fear of blogging and just get in there, stuff it up, write some crap, write some good and get on with it.


🙂 With love